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Welcome to Garden Art by Claudia

The leaf, its temporal beauty and silent strength, is the inspiration for this hand-crafted collection of garden art. Claudia Duhamel, accomplished fine artist and graphic designer, has captured the leaf’s myriad colors, shapes and textures, supple curves and fine lines in a broad array of one-of-a-kind pieces to grace outdoor and indoor spaces, big and small. A master gardener in her own right, she uses only natural materials to cast this delicate yet durable garden decor, her personal tribute to both the science and beauty of nature.

The Products

For the Garden: Bird/Butterfly Baths, Feeders, Fountains

From the Garden (cast from leaves, stones, twigs, etc.): Indoor/Outdoor Trivets, Coasters, Bowls, Ornaments, Art Pieces, Planters, Dish Gardens. Leaves that have been used for casting include: Rhubarb, Zucchini, Brugmansia, a variety of Hostas, Maple, Oak, Hydrangea, Japanese Knot Weed, Morning Glory and Grape.

The Aim

We provide products to beautify your gardens and help attract beneficial wildlife.  Bird/butterfly baths and feeders add interest to your space while drawing our feathered friends to help control unwanted insects.  Couple our "For the Garden" products with organic gardening practices for a natural, eco-friendly plot.

The Process

A live leaf is used as a form to which modified concrete is applied and shaped. Once the concrete mixture is cured, the leaf is scrubbed away leaving the impression of the leaf on the sculpture.  It is then painted or stained and sealed and is ready for use according to your imagination. Some sculptures are cast with colored concrete rather than being painted. Some sculptures are “free form” rather than taking on the shape of a particular leaf.

Since no artificial molds are used each piece is unique – just like in nature!

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